Juha Levo – in english

juhaI am a pretty typical dad from suburbian Helsinki, precisely Viikki. However, during my life I did use my shoes in Berlin & Soul, Espoo and downtown Helsinki (namely Kruununhaka, Kallio). My early childhood I spent on the sands of Vuosaari – that time we had hundreds of kids around our houses and I quess that has not changed much.

My bets are on lively Helsinki, fast growing & high-rising city full of life. At the same time we need high level of early education including more early language teaching keeping in mind multiple multi-language families. In international comparison the Finnish otherwise excellent school system starts language teaching relatively late. We could take more early advantage of high level language education.

Similarly transportation system development is crucial around the city – we already invest to rail systems and we have to keep on this track. When light traffic is in focus for downtown – suburbs need also efficient roads for cars. Rail systems should take care of majority’s work & study traffic but at the same time we really need to limit work trip’s duration to max 45 minutes inside the area. And the traffic across the area is mostly done by private cars also in the future. City grows and we should not kill the growth by insufficient roads. I believe we also have enough land for building – maybe more highrise – and therefore we are still able to keep green forests and Malmi airfield in operation nearby us. Some compromises to be done and buildings will fit between the runways.

My academic background is in Business Administration, Aalto Univ. I used to study also in Helsinki University some basics of Computer Science. I work as a Customer Executive for a listed ICT-company. I have adorable daughters and wife with Finnish-Swedish-German heritage. In politics I have been active almost a decade on municipal level. I have gained experience on Technical services, Culture & Early Education Committees. I also belong to Kokoomus Party Council. I look for a seat in city council elections 2017 in Helsinki – please feel free to contact me in local & national affairs – and let’s make Helsinki a living city in the Future!

email: niilolevo@hotmail.com

twitter: @juhalevo